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Money Talks: How Conversation Can Raise Women's Financial Confidence

Women talk freely about subjects like career, parenting struggles, fitness goals and overbooked schedules.  But when it comes to finances, this seldom makes the list of hot topics.  Find out how Julie Prince is getting women into the financial conversation.

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The Single Life: What You Need To Know About Parenting Solo

Raising Kids Alone? 5 Tips For Managing Your Money

We're all familiar with the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child.” But when you're a single parent, that village may often feel like a party of one. At the end of the day, all of the important decisions about your children's future and yours fall on your shoulders.

That's the way Julie Prince, a wealth management advisor for Northwestern Mutual and a single mom herself, describes the financial challenge of raising children on your own.

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Relationship - Mutual Trust - Collaboration - Value

Long-term financial success doesn't happen by chance. Each area of your financial life can have an impact--positive or negative--on your other goals. Understanding these interrelationships is important as you deal with ongoing economic issues. Financial planning is a life-long process that assists you and your family in taking control of your financial future. By setting financial goals, developing strategies, and monitoring the progress on a regular basis, the likelihood of achieving your results is greatly increased.

As a Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Advisor, Julie Prince has the knowledge and expertise to help you discover your core values and integrate them into your planning process. To develop your plan, Julie will discover your vision for the future, your mission in life and your personal financial philosophy.

Julie will do this by taking the time to get to know you and your family. In this way, she will put you -- not your wealth -- at the center of the process.

Julie Prince is committed to ensuring that your family's needs will be met with care, expertise and an understanding of your unique circumstances and individual goals.

Commitment to Community

Julie Prince is an active member of the Seattle community, both professionally and personally.





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